Working Consultatively

Improve your engagement and move to a model of working that benefits both you and your stakeholders

Next public workshop:
15th April 2021
1pm - 5pm

About the Workshop

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It is an interactive, four hour online workshop aimed at arming the analyst with the mindset and communication practices to build credibility and trust with stakeholders and improve their productivity and impact. 

The workshop is facilitated by Steve Hulmes and delivered via Zoom.

Who is it for?

Anyone who's job it is to turn data into insights and/or reports and who wants to improve their stakeholder engagement and to add greater value to the organisation.

If it feels like you are constantly working reactively and feel as though you could be adding more value to the organisation then this workshop is for you.

Who is it for?

What's covered?

There are  two main sections to the workshop. Firstly, participants discover the consultant mindset that's needed to avoid working reactively.  Then through examples, theory and exercises participants will discover the key communication practices that will help them move naturally to a pro-active, consultative model of working.

What are the fees?

Workshops are limited to 8 participants

Public Workshop


Private Workshop


(up to 8 participants)

Discounts are available for multiple bookings and non-profit organisations

What is it?

What Participants Say

"Very helpful and informative - relatable scenarios and exercises."

"Enjoyable and informative."

 "Enjoyed the workshop a lot. The four hours flew by, didn't check the clock even once! Very useful discussions. There were quite a few points to take away from the workshop."

"This workshop gave a very persuasive and clear introduction to the concept of pro-active approach to the business analyst role and the take-away actions were very helpful and implementable."

"It was an excellent workshop for the Analyst, delivered really well"

"Really useful. Engaging. Exercises were great."