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Working Consultatively

Improve your engagement and move to a model of working that benefits both you and your stakeholders


"Thought it was great - probably the best virtual training workshop I've attended to date in terms of use of tech tools and engagement."

Mia Roscoe, Schroders

Next online public workshop:
Tues 26th March 2024

"Overall was a very good session. Learned quite a lot and the exercises were good to understand the areas I need to work on."

Nithin Nampoothiry, NHS Property Services

What's the workshop about?

Many of the common frustrations and challenges that analysts experience in their roles are rooted in their engagement with stakeholders (or lack of it!).  This can be compounded by analysts unconsciously working to a passive service model that limits their ability to work to their full potential.

In this interactive workshop, participants will discover how they can move naturally to a more 'consultative' approach that will improve stakeholder relationships and deliver better outcomes for both the analysts and stakeholder.

Through a combination of theory, examples, exercises and discussion participants will gain an appreciation of the mindset and communication practices they can implement immediately - changes that will help elevate their productivity, impact and value to the organisation.

What will participants learn?

The workshops two main themses are mindset and communication. Some of the key learnings include:-

  • Why working Consultatively rather than Passively is a win/win  for both analyst and stakeholder

  • How analytical teams are REALLY measured and why feedback is so important.

  • The two service elements are critical to your stakeholders.

  • Why your briefing process may be holding you back.

  • The one question you can ask that will help avoid passive behaviour.

  • The key practices that will improve your communications with stakeholders.

  • How to build and maintain trust and credibility with stakeholders.

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop outlines a set of standard practices for analysts that will help them work more collaboratively with their stakeholders . It can key part of their overall data analysis training and development programme.

The workshop is relevant for anyone who's job it is to convert data into reports, analyses or statistical models for stakeholders.

An example of previous participants include:-

  • Business Intelligence analysts

  • Customer Insight analysts

  • Credit Risk Analysts

  • Data Scientists

  • Finance Analysts

  • MI Analysts

  • Pricing analysts

  • Retail analysts

  • Fraud Analysts

How is it delivered and what does it cost?

Currently, the public workshops are delivered online via Zoom and are facilitated by Steve Hulmes, an experienced analytical manager and coach. Private workshops can be hosted online or on-site.

The workshops are four hours in duration and are limited to a maximum of eight participants to maintain high interactivity.

There is a public schedule of open workshops participants can book onto (click here to view current availability) - these are held semi-regularly, based on demand. Standard fees to attend are £245+vat per participant.


Alternatively, workshops can be hosted privately. Not only does this work out more economical but provides a great platform for establishing standard practices across the team. 

What Participants Say

"Very helpful and informative - relatable scenarios and exercises."

"Enjoyable and informative."

 "Enjoyed the workshop a lot. The four hours flew by, didn't check the clock even once! Very useful discussions. There were quite a few points to take away from the workshop."

"This workshop gave a very persuasive and clear introduction to the concept of pro-active approach to the business analyst role and the take-away actions were very helpful and implementable."

"It was an excellent workshop for the Analyst, delivered really well"

"Really useful. Engaging. Exercises were great."

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