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Our unique programme of  stakeholder engagement workshops focus on those skills and techniques that will help analysts to improve their productivity, impact and profile within your  organisation.

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Working Consultatively

25th January 2022

Sophic's Stakeholder Engagement Workshops For Data Analysts

All our workshops are interactive and 4 hours in duration and combine theory, discussion examples and exercises. 

Places are limited to 8 participants in order to maintain high levels of interaction.  All workshops are facilitated by Steve Hulmes, an experienced analytical manager and coach with over 25 years industry experience.

There is a public schedule of workshops available open to all organisations, however workshops can be hosted privately at a significant discount.




Improve your stakeholder engagement & perception

This key module focusses on the mindset and communication practices that can help you transition to a more proactive, consultative way of working that will improve your impact on your stakeholders whilst reducing re-work.

"Enjoyed the workshop a lot. The four hours flew by, didn't check the clock even once! Very useful discussions. There were quite a few points to take away from the workshop."

"Really useful. Engaging. Exercises were great."

"It's very relevant with what I do and I would recommend it to other analysts."

"Really useful. Engaging. Exercises were great."

"Overall, I really enjoyed the workshop. Steve is a great leader with tonnes of experience."

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Managing Workloads & Expectations

Reduce your stress levels and enhance your reputation

This practical online workshop provides you with key steps and techniques to help them avoid over-promising and under-delivering, which represents one of the key sources of stakeholder frustration but is also a major cause of analyst stress.

"This was a really useful workshop for me personally, especially the Being Assertive section as it's given me the self-awareness, motivation and some tools to help me work on this aspect." 

"Excellent! Very relatable and lots to take away and develop in the team."

"Really useful session which (once again) allowed me to identify issues that I face and ways to improve/deal with them more effectively."

"Excellently delivered and the contents very useful for the team, highlighting our weaknesses that we need to work on and reminding us what we should be doing as 'Analysts'."




A framework for designing robust and intuitive reports

Ensuring your outputs are intuitive, coherent and insightful is key to developing impactful reports. This workshop provides a framework for a developing needs-based report designs with guidance for providing effective accompanying  commentary and interpretation. 

"Delivered to a high standard and very engaging. It was a very relevant workshop for the Analysts and would highly recommend it."

"Very informative.  Very focused on service needs and delivery to external providers.... I also appreciate the facilitator's focus on (the) individual ."

"Another excellent session."

"Great workshop and very relevant to my job."

"I enjoyed this workshop and learn a lot from the Hierarchical report section."

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The know-how to develop simple, effective visuals

Delivering insights and trends through charts can be incredibly impactful, however, often the array of options for visualisations can be overwhelming,  In this workshop we provide the key steps to enable you to develop simple and effective charts through theory, examples and practice. 

"Excellently delivered workshop and possibly the most relevant for the Analysts in getting us thinking on the approach to take when structuring and presenting data."

"Every aspect of this workshop was really useful as an analyst "

"Very helpful."

"Really enjoyed it - nice mix of presentation and group work."

"Perfect. Helps to think out of the box in many ways I haven't considered."


For Analysts

Strategies to improve your influence in the workplace

In this workshop,  the six principles of influencing are presented and their practical application discussed in the context of analytics teams. You will take away practical tips to help you to improve your influence in all aspects of their day-to-day roles.

"Very enjoyable & interactive session. Relevant content that will hopefully prove useful both in & out of the workplace."

"Very Engaging and insightful. Really liked the examples used and shared."

"Very clear and well-structured."

"Liked the use of research-based examples which were very interesting, but also the real life work examples as they help to consider how we can apply the theory / ideas in our work lives practically."