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Our online interactive workshops focus on those skills and techniques that will help your analysts to improve their productivity, impact and profile within your  organisation.

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Working Consultatively

This foundation module, which focusses on mindset and communication, provides practical steps to help analysts transition to a more pro-active, consultative way of working that will improve their impact on their stakeholders and enable them to become more productive in their day-to-day work.

Duration: 4 Hours      Max people: 8

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"Enjoyed the workshop a lot. The four hours flew by, didn't check the clock even once! Very useful discussions. There were quite a few points to take away from the workshop."

"This workshop gave a very persuasive and clear introduction to the concept of a pro-active approach to the analyst role and the take-away actions were very helpful and implementable."

"Really useful. Engaging. Exercises were great."

"It was an excellent workshop for the Analyst, delivered really well."

Managing Workloads & Stakeholder Expectation

Managing workloads and expectations can be difficult especially in busy teams. This workshop provides participants with some key steps and techniques to help them avoid over-promising and under-delivering, which not only represents one of the key sources of stakeholder frustration but also is a major cause of analyst discontent and morale erosion.

Duration: 4 Hours      Max people: 8

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"Excellent! Very relatable and lots to take away and develop in the team."

Darren Johnson, Boohoo

"Excellently delivered and the content's very useful for the team, highlighting our weaknesses that we need to work on and reminding us what we should be doing as Analysts."

"This was a really useful workshop for me personally, especially the Being Assertive section as it's given me the self-awareness, motivation and some tools to help me work on this aspect." 

Impactful Reporting

Ensuring your outputs are intuitive, coherent and insightful is key to developing impactful reports. This workshop provides a framework for a developing needs-based report designs as well as guidelines for providing effective commentary and interpretation. Practical exercises reinforce the learnings and provide the opportunity to apply the concepts.

Duration: 4 hours  Max people: 8

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"Very informative.  Very focused on service needs and delivery to external providers.... I also appreciate the facilitator's focus on individual ."

Sharon Parker, NHS

"Delivered to a high standard and very engaging. It was a very relevant workshop for the Analysts and would highly recommend it."


"This was another really useful workshop.  For me personally I found the hierarchical summarizing and interpretation and commentary most instructive, especially trying to put these into practice in the exercises."

Data Visualisation

Delivering insights and trends through charts can be incredibly impactful, however, often the array of options for visualisations can be overwhelming,  In this workshop Sophic provide the key steps to enable analysts to develop effective, insightful visualisations along with the supporting evidence to back up the theory.

Duration: 4 hours  Max people: 8

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"Every aspect of this workshop was really useful as an analyst.  I found the breakout room discussions more helpful than just tackling the exercises on my own as we shared ideas and perspectives."

Kate O'Donnell, NHS

"Excellently delivered workshop and possibly the most relevant for the Analysts in getting us thinking on the approach to take when structuring and presenting data."

"Very helpful.  The training is really useful to use to make decisions when delivering data to a particular audience. It is a course I would highly recommend to other colleagues!"


Despite the best technical endeavours analytics has little or no value if the analyst cannot influence the stakeholders and their decision making. In this workshop,  the six principles of influencing are presented and their practical application discussed in the context of analytics teams. Participants will take away practical tips to help them to improve their influence in all aspects of their day-to-day roles.

Duration: 4 Hours  Max people: 8

"Very enjoyable & interactive session. Relevant content that will hopefully prove useful both in & out of the workplace."

Matthew Fleckney, Studio

"Very Engaging and insightful. Really liked the examples used and shared."


"The workshop was informative and helped me think about certain day to day actions or occurrences in a deeper way and how those principals could be used consciously to improve work and interaction with people."

"Very clear and well-structured."

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