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After you die, you somehow appear in a mystical room with two doors and two keepers inside. One of the doors leads to Heaven and the other door leads to Hell. One of the keepers is always lying and the other keeper is always saying the truth. If you can ask one of the keepers whatever question you want (you don’t know which keeper is lying and which one is truthful), how can you find your way to Heaven?

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You can point your finger to one of the two rooms and ask any of the keepers the question “If I ask the other keeper whether this room leads to Heaven, would he say YES?”. If the answer is NO, go through that door, if the answer is YES, go through the other one.

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Sarah's birthday is one of 10 possible dates:

May 15th             July 14th
May 16th             July 16th
May 19th             August 14th
June 17th            August 15th
June 18th           August 17th

Sarah tells the month to Albert and the day to Bernard.

Albert: I don’t know the birthday, but I know Bernard doesn’t know either.
Bernard: I didn’t know at first, but now I do know.
Albert: Now I also know Sarah’s birthday.

When is Sarah’s birthday?

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If Albert knows that Bernard doesn’t know when the birthday is, then the birthday can’t be on May 19th or June 18th as there is only one 19th and one 18th. Also, Albert must know that the birthday can’t be on these dates, so May and June are completely ruled out.

If Bernard can deduce when the birthday is after Albert’s comment, then the birthday can’t be on 14th.

The remaining possibilities are July 16, August 15, and August 17.

Finally, if Albert figures out when the birthday is after Bernard’s comment, then the date must be July 16.

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