Managing Workloads

& Stakeholder Expectations

How to reduce your stress levels whilst improving your reputation

Next public workshop:
29th September 2021
1pm - 5pm

About the Workshop

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It is an interactive, four hour online workshop which provides participants with some key steps and techniques to help them avoid over-promising and under-delivering, which not only represents one of the key sources of stakeholder frustration but also is a major cause of analyst stress and discontent.

The workshop is facilitated by Steve Hulmes and delivered via Zoom.

Who is it for?

Anyone who's job it is to turn data into insights and/or reports and who wants to improve the service they deliver to stakeholders and the wider organisation.

If you feel like you have little control over your workloads, or feel some of your work is of low-value or you are constantly working late then this workshop can help you take greater control over your workloads.

Who is it for?

What's covered?

 Through exercises, examples, discussion and theory participants discover key techniques and tools to help them avoid over-promising and under-delivering.

Core themes covered include a) Why we over-commit

b) Key planning considerations

c) Being Assertive

d) Transparent Planning

What are the fees?

Workshops are limited to 8 participants

Public Workshop


Private Workshop


(up to 8 participants)

Discounts are available for multiple bookings and non-profit organisations

What is it?

What Participants Say

"Excellent! Very relatable and lots to take away and develop in the team."

"Really enjoyed this session especially the discussion around transparent planning."

"Enjoyed the session thoroughly and was very useful. There were a lot of tips to take away. Led to a lot of thinking and changed the way I approach everything generally."

"Excellently delivered and the contents very useful for the team, highlighting our weaknesses that we need to work on and reminding us what we should be doing as Analysts."

"This was a really useful workshop for me personally, especially the Being Assertive section as it's given me the self-awareness, motivation and some tools to help me work on this aspect."