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Managing Workloads & Stakeholder Expectations

Improve your engagement and move to a model of working that benefits both you and your stakeholders

"Excellent! Very relatable and lots to take away and develop in the team."

Darren Johnson, Boohoo

Next online public workshop:
Tues 16th April 2024
9am -1pm

"Great workshop, very useful. I will definitely be incorporating what I've learnt into my day-to-day role."

Tom Farrow,

Close Brothers

What's the workshop about?

Over-promising and under-delivering is a source of frustration for both the stakeholder and the analyst. Any trust and credibility that the analyst may have developed with their stakeholders can quickly erode if deadlines are missed or the quality of work is compromised in an attempt to meet a tight schedule.

The key to avoiding over committing is a combination of effective planning and effective expectation communication with stakeholders.

In this workshop, participants explore the reasons why over-committing is commonplace, and through theory, exercise, and examples are introduced to practices, techniques, and tools to help analysts effectively plan and manage their workloads whilst also manage stakeholder expectations.

What will participants learn?

The workshops two main themses are mindset and communication. Some of the key learnings include:-

  • Why we might, either knowingly or unknowingly over-commit ourselves.

  • Four key practices that are often overlooked that can help avoid over-committing.

  • Why being assertive is key to managing expectations and deadlines.

  • The impact and difference between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviours.

  • Different assertive approaches to use when confronted with the three common pressure scenarios many analysts experience.

  • How to make or refuse a request.

  • Using transparent planning as a communication and prioritisation tool.

Who is the workshop for?

The workshop is for data analysts who need to handle multiple projects/tasks or who recognise that they have missed deadlines or over-committed themselves.

The workshop is relevant for anyone who's job it is to convert data into reports, analyses or statistical models for stakeholders.

An example of previous participants include:-

  • Business Intelligence analysts

  • Customer Insight analysts

  • Credit Risk Analysts

  • Data Scientists

  • Finance Analysts

  • MI Analysts

  • Pricing analysts

  • Retail analysts

  • Fraud Analysts

How is it delivered and what does it cost?

Currently, the public workshops are delivered online via Zoom and are facilitated by Steve Hulmes, an experienced analytical manager and coach. Private workshops can be hosted online or on-site (face-to-face).

The workshops are four hours in duration and are limited to a maximum of eight participants to maintain high interactivity.

There is a public schedule of open workshops participants can book onto (click here to view current availability) - these are held semi-regularly, based on demand. Standard fees to attend are £245+vat per participant.


Alternatively, workshops can be hosted privately. Not only does this work out more economical but provides a great platform for establishing standard practices across the team. 

What Participants Say

"Excellent! Very relatable and lots to take away and develop in the team."

"Really enjoyed this session especially the discussion around transparent planning."

"Enjoyed the session thoroughly and was very useful. There were a lot of tips to take away. Led to a lot of thinking and changed the way I approach everything generally."

"Excellently delivered and the contents very useful for the team, highlighting our weaknesses that we need to work on and reminding us what we should be doing as Analysts."

"This was a really useful workshop for me personally, especially the Being Assertive section as it's given me the self-awareness, motivation and some tools to help me work on this aspect."

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