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The principles of persuasion

"Enjoyable and useful workshop, particularly interesting research examples and references."

Steve Harlow, Aviva

Next public workshop:
March 23rd 2022

"Very enjoyable & interactive session. Relevant content that will hopefully prove useful both in & out of the workplace."

Matthew Fleckney, Studio

What's the workshop about?

Whether we consciously realise it or not, we are subject to influencing techniques on a day-to-day basis especially in the area of marketing and sales. But can these techniques be applicable to data analysts?

Renowned author and social psychology expert Dr Robert Cialdini has spent his career undertaking scientific studies into the reasons people say 'yes' to requests. His research has lead to the development of six influencing principles.

In this workshop, these six principles are discussed and through examples and  group exercises, strategies are established for their use in your day-to-day work.

What will participants learn?

From the session, participants learn the following:-

  • How loss framing requests can improve the chances of a positive outcome.

  • How to recognise and apply each of the six  influencing principles developed by Dr Cialdini

    • Reciprosity

    • Liking

    • Scarcity

    • Authority

    • Consistency

    • Consensus

  • How to use anchoring to present options in an influential way

Who is the workshop for?

The workshop is for data analysts who wish to improve their ability to influence outcomes.

The workshop is relevant for anyone who's job it is to convert data into reports, analyses or statistical models for stakeholders.

An example of previous participants include:-

  • Business Intelligence analysts

  • Customer Insight analysts

  • Credit Risk Analysts

  • Data Scientists

  • Finance Analysts

  • MI Analysts

  • Pricing analysts

  • Retail analysts

  • Fraud Analysts

How is it delivered and what does it cost?

Currently, the workshops are delivered online via Zoom and are facilitated by Steve Hulmes, an experienced analytical manager and coach.

The workshops are four hours in duration and are limited to a maximum of eight participants to maintain high interactivity.

There is a public schedule of open workshops participants can book onto (click here to view current availability) - these are held semi-regularly, based on demand. Standard fees to attend are £245+vat per participant.


Alternatively, workshops can be hosted privately for your own team. Not only does this work out more economical but provides a great platform for establishing standard practices across the team. Private workshops are fixed at £1,200+vat for up to 8 participants.

What Participants Say

"Very enjoyable & interactive session. Relevant content that will hopefully prove useful both in & out of the workplace. Excellent use of technology given the current non office-based locations."

"Very Engaging and insightful. Really liked the examples used and shared."

"Comprehensive and easy to understand overview of the 6 principles. I'd recommend the workshop to other data scientists."

"I found the workshop very valuable. The principles were useful and easy to remember due to the examples and exercises."

"Very engaging and well delivered - learnt several relevant practices."

"By the end of the session I could see how these principles could be useful in my working life.... It has given me a lot of food for thought."

"It was very useful and I will take some things to my role.  Good that it was analytical focused."

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