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Steve Hulmes shares the key steps that will help you reach your potential and become the valued and respected analyst you deserve to be.

Our Programme of Workshops


Working Consultatively

Mindset and Communication practices to build trust and credibility with stakeholders


Managing Workloads & Stakeholder Expectations

The practices and approaches to successfully avoid over-promising and under-delivering


Impactful Reporting

A framework for developing robust, intuitive reports with effective interpretation and commentary

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The theory and methods of developing simple

but effective visualisations


Steve Hulmes

Sophic Founder & Workshop Facilitator

Having worked as an analytical manager and coach for over 25 years, Steve has been developing and delivering soft skills workshops for data analysts since 2002. Under the Sophic brand, the workshops have been continually refined and adapted to ensure they remain relevant for the modern day analyst.  With over 97%  of participants saying they would recommend Sophic's workshops to other analysts, Steve continually strives to ensure these interactive  workshops are both engaging and enjoyable for analysts of all levels.

"I've used Steve repeatedly over a number of years to upskill my analytical teams.  I would recommend Sophic's workshops to any business who needed to develop their analytical capability and impact."


Martin Squires
Analytical Leader
& Data IQ 100 Most Influential People in Data

Over 1,500 analysts have participated  in Sophic's interactive workshops

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What are your analysts' current challenges?

 In our experience the most common frustrations and challenges experienced by analysts are around stakeholder engagement...

"Our stakeholders do not know what they want"
"We have too much work and too little time"
"We are not involved early enough to add value"
"Requests for work are vague"
"People think it's just a press of a button"
"We often end up doing re-work"
"People don't listen to us"
"It feels like we're just churning out reports which no-one reads"

More often than not these frustrations are also shared by the stakeholders, and this can significantly affect an organisation's ability to effectively harness the potential of their analytical teams.

Sophic's workshops aim to arm the analyst with the know-how and practices to build credibility and trust with stakeholders to address these issues and maximise the analysts' potential to influence decisions - a win/win for everyone!

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