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Data Visualisation

Effective data visualisation techniques to elevate your analytical outputs

"The exercises were really valuable towards learning the key takeaways of the session. Lots of good tips for presenting data."

Laura Taylor, Schroders

Next online public workshop:
Tues 14th May 2024

"Every aspect of this workshop was really useful as an analyst.  Not only should it enhance my work but make it more enjoyable. "

Kate O'Donnell, NHS

What's the workshop about?

The most effective data visualisations are simple and insightful and take less than 5 seconds to comprehend. However, with the vast array of visualisations and charts presented through modern reporting software it can be easy to succumb to delivering style over substance and over-complicating the final outputs.

Ineffective charts are usually the result of poor design and a lack of a conscious application of a process to filter unnecessary detail and consider the ultimate needs of the end user.

In this data visualisation course, Steve will share visualisation theory, research and practical tips  to provide a template for developing effective charts that stakeholders will consume without effort. Participants will undertake exercises to apply the learnings.

What will participants learn?

Some of the key learnings from this session are:-

  • How modern software can compromise effective chart selection and design.

  • The difference between explanatory and exploratory charts.

  • What makes a good chart? - chart design theory.

  • The research that backs up the theory.

  • How using a top-down rather than bottom-up design approach delivers more effective charts.

Who is the workshop for?

The workshop is for data analysts who are looking to improve the quality of their reports for stakeholder consumption.

The workshop is relevant for anyone who's job it is to convert data into reports, analyses or statistical models for stakeholders.

An example of previous participants include:-

  • Business Intelligence analysts

  • Customer Insight analysts

  • Credit Risk Analysts

  • Data Scientists

  • Finance Analysts

  • MI Analysts

  • Pricing analysts

  • Retail analysts

  • Fraud Analysts

How is it delivered and what does it cost?

Currently, the public workshops are delivered online via Zoom and are facilitated by Steve Hulmes, an experienced analytical manager and coach. Private workshops can be hosted online or on-site (face-to-face).

The workshops are four hours in duration and are limited to a maximum of eight participants to maintain high interactivity.

There is a public schedule of open workshops participants can book onto (click here to view current availability) - these are held semi-regularly, based on demand. Standard fees to attend are £245+vat per participant.


Alternatively, workshops can be hosted privately. Not only does this work out more economical but provides a great platform for establishing standard practices across the team. 

What Participants Say

"Really interesting.  Made me stop and think how I can think more about the reports/charts that I send to our clients to help improve their understanding of the data."

"Great workshop. Better understanding on the different types of charts and which ones to use why and how. ...this workshop provided us with great insight into charts. "

"Very helpful.   It is a course I would highly recommend to other colleagues!"

"Great workshop! Thank you very much for all the data visualisation tips."

"Particularly liked the way Steve prompted to think in the 'Explanatory' way of presenting data. The examples used and the exercises in this session were very useful."

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