Data Visualisation

Develop impactful charts that meet stakeholder needs

Next public workshop:
17th June 2021
1pm - 5pm

About the Workshop

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It is an interactive, four hour online workshop that will provide analysts with the know-how to develop effective charts to support the delivery of reports and analyses

The workshop is facilitated by Steve Hulmes and delivered via Zoom.

Who is it for?

Anyone who's job it is to turn data into insights and/or reports.

Modern software makes it very easy for analysts to very quickly throw data into spreadsheets and tools to produce charts almost instantaneously. However, this can circumnavigate the critical thinking required to ensure visualisations are both impactful and deliver the intended message.

Who is it for?

What's covered?

Through theory, examples and practical exercises, participants will discover an approach that will help them optimise their visual outputs.

The content covered includes:-

a) Exploratory V Explanatory charts

b) Chart design principles

c) Bad/Good Charts

d) Chart Improvement techniques

What are the fees?

Workshops are limited to 8 participants

Public Workshop


Private Workshop


(up to 8 participants)

Discounts are available for multiple bookings and non-profit organisations

What is it?

What Participants Say

"Really interesting.  Made me stop and think how I can think more about the reports/charts that I send to our clients to help improve their understanding of the data."

"Great workshop. Better understanding on the different types of charts and which ones to use why and how. ...this workshop provided us with great insight into charts. "

"Very helpful.   It is a course I would highly recommend to other colleagues!"

"Particularly liked the way Steve prompted to think in the 'Explanatory' way of presenting data. The examples used and the exercises in this session were very useful."

"Every aspect of this workshop was really useful as an analyst.  Not only should it enhance my work but make it more enjoyable.  I found the breakout room discussions more helpful that just tackling the exercises on my own as we shared ideas and perspectives."