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 1 hour Webinar  with Q&A


Steve Hulmes, Founder, Sophic

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Steve shares five not-so-obvious practices that can help you raise your game and make you more productive and impactful in your role even if you are a seasoned analyst.

Stream available until 14th July

"I've used Steve repeatedly over a number of years to upskill my analytical teams. I would recommend Sophic's workshops to any business who needed to develop their analytical capability and impact."

Martin Squires
(Data IQ Top 100 people in Data)

"Having attended one of Steve's workshops in the mid 2000s I've subsequently used Sophic to upskill my own teams and will continue to recommended them to other teams looking for practical ways to improve their impact and reputation within the organisation."

Vic Hardcastle
Data Strategy & Innovation Manager
Studio Retail

Steve will share you five uncommon practices, some of which take less than a minute to undertake, that will either improve your productivity or your impact on your stakeholders.

"Excellent! Very relatable and lots to take away and develop in the team."

"Really enjoyed this session especially the discussion around transparent planning."

"Enjoyed the session thoroughly and was very useful. There were a lot of tips to take away. Led to a lot of thinking and changed the way I approach everything generally."

"Excellently delivered and the contents very useful for the team, highlighting our weaknesses that we need to work on and reminding us what we should be doing as Analysts."

"This was a really useful workshop for me personally, especially the Being Assertive section as it's given me the self-awareness, motivation and some tools to help me work on this aspect."

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